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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Introducing Ivy

Okay, so if your confused, Becky is pregnant with a little girl (as you saw in her adorable post earlier) and I just had this little sweetie on December 3rd 2009. I've always loved the name Ivy, but for some reason this name didn't come into my head until about 6 months into the naming process, so I was relieved when it did because I just new it was the one! Her middle name is Nancy. That's my Mommy's name. My mommy is such an amazing person, and it was only proper to give her that middle name. I hope Ivy can grow up to be as sweet and selfless as her grandma Nancy is.

She came out with a head full of luscious blonde hair. The doctor had never seen such long blonde hair before. I was thrilled, so I have been very careful not to comb it out. I like to mowhawk it so that people can see it in it's full glory. She has beautiful blue eyes too. Her big brother Ethan (3 years old) loves to poke and cuddle her. He calls her a little fella lady. He uses his toy dump truck to take her diapers to the trash for mommy. Such a big helper!!

I LOVE this stage of life. I'm trying not to take any moments for granted. :)


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  1. She is beautiful! I love how Ethan helps! Very cute! =))

  2. you nailed it when you said 'trying not to...' Being a Mom is very tiring! Espeically when like you and me, I'm sure we try and to do it all! ;) Great blog!

  3. Beatiful baby!! Congratulations! Like Amy said, being a mom is very tiring! Yet we are husband always asks me how we can be cooking, on the phone and trying to do so many things at the same time:) its just a gift I say! Love the headband and tutu.

  4. Oh my, treasure every second. Two blinks of an eye and they are grown!!!

  5. Just popping back for a quick visit...I love to learn more about a blogger :o) Your little Ivy is so cute...I know that by now she has grown up quite a bit since this post...but saw her picture here and had to stop...

    Blessings & Aloha!



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