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Thursday, April 15, 2010

We'd like you to meet:

We're happy to say that you'll be seeing designs from Summer Driggs pop up in our free backgrounds categories in the future. She has fabulous kits that can be found on her free digital scrapping blog here. We are now featuring a fun Mother's Day collection on our site that was created using her Happy Mother's day kit. Those backgrounds can be found here.

Thank you Summer!

Ashley - TCBOTB
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  1. I LOVE Summer Driggs kits! Hooray!

  2. Thanks for sharing.... heading over to see her now.

  3. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that your site Thecutestblogontheblock is down and my gadgets have big red x's on them without a picture:(

  4. u have a nice blog n article...pls visit me back at ... TQ

  5. I am new to blogging. I am starting one up to help fundraise for my daughter to get an autism service dog.

    Here's the letter I'm sending out:

    I am the mother of a beautiful girl who has autism.

    Let me tell you a little bit about Jacey. She is two and a half years old, turning three in June. She was diagnosed with Autism on February 2nd, 2010. That is a day that will forever be with me. The diagnosis was devastating, yet relieving; it was overwhelming, it was surreal. You see, at about the age of two, we knew Jacey was delayed. We began speech and physical therapy in hopes of getting her back up to age level. Six months passed and she still was not speaking and her meltdowns were just as bad as before. We finally decided that we would have her tested by the North Central Evaluation and Consultation Team for Autism. I hoped that it would be ruled out and that there would be another explanation for her delays. When the team came back in and told us that it was Autism, that Jacey was right in the middle of the spectrum, I was shocked. I think time froze after that. The following days were a blur. I came up with reasons why the diagnosis couldn’t be possible, but eventually gave in to reality.

    Since that time, I have learned a great deal. One of the greatest things that I have found in my searching of treatments and therapies is Autism Service Dogs. Currently, we cannot let Jacey go for even a second because she will run from us. A service dog would allow Jacey the ability to have more freedom when we are in public by having Jacey tethered to the dog and being able to walk with the dog. A service dog would also be able to track and retrieve Jacey if she were to get away from us, comfort her when she is upset or having a meltdown, and keep her from dangerous activities and bad behaviors. It would give me another set of eyes to keep Jacey safe. Jacey loves animals and bonds with them so well. I would love for her to have an Autism Service Dog that could give her the love and comfort that she doesn’t seek from us as much as from animals.

    This is where you come in! Jacey has been accepted to receive a service dog but we must meet our fundraising goal of $13,000. I know that I can’t achieve this goal on my own and this is where I need you. Help me help Jacey. You can fill out the attached Fundraising Donation Form and mail it with your donation to 4 Paws for Ability, or you can go to their website at where there are directions to donating online. Be sure to include Jacey’s name in the notes so that it goes towards our goal. Thanks for helping us make an Autism Service Dog a reality!


    Amy & Jacey Brooks

    Could you help me design a blog design geared around the fundraising efforts?!

    Thanks for your help!
    amydbrooks at sbcglobal dot net

  6. Hello,
    For some reason the Cutest Blog on the Block site hasn't been coming up for me. I haven't been on blogger or your site for a while so a few days ago I decided to get a new background and header. Your website wouldn't work, so I got a background from another site. The thing is, they didn't have any headers or banners or whatever they're called. Anyways, I went to your site, and it still wouldn't work. My computer said something about the server for the site. I've been looking all over, but none of the other sites have as many things as yours does. So I was wondering if you could fix this problem so that I can get on the site again.

  7. How exciting!! Can't wait to see more of her work.

  8. I am really loving this site, you ladies rock!!!



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