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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Closed: Hair Baubles Giveway from Creative Urges!

CLOSED: and the winner is The Kendrick Clan's Scrapbook!

Yay! I love hair baubles! Anything that can tame my mane in a cute way is fabulous! Jacque from Creative Urges is hosting a giveaway featuring these adorable hair accessories:

She is also the creative genius behind the ONLY cute room in my house,the downstairs bathroom. I literally want to set up a pillow and blanket on the floor and sleep in there because of the cuteness. Feast your eyes on the FABULOSITY:

You can go to her blog and find so many genius ways to adorn regular every day things, to be beautiful!

Another reason to love Jacque is because she doesn't like CONFUSING giveaways. SO the rules for this contest are to simply leave a comment below to tell us you want the clips! (you must also have one of our backgrounds on our blog.)

I'll choose and announce the winner in 7 days (next Wednesday)!
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  1. I would love to have these darling clips!!
    Thanks so much for the offer!!


  2. I want the clips! :o) that was so easy.... gosh! what to do NOW!

    PS i also have your adorable background on my blog! :o) luvs it!

  3. LOVE THOSE CLIPS! TOO CUTE! One of my 5 girls can SURELY use them!!

  4. Love those clips, I already have a thousand but a couple more can't hurt...right?!?

  5. I am using your backgrounds to personalize my student blogs. I asked each class to create a blog, and then asked them what they wanted. My first hour is mainly boys, and I am appreciative of your grunge sports background.


  6. I would love the clips!!! Me and my daughters could all wear them :)



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