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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Blogamations (animations for your blog): Birdies!!

Would you like to add a free animation to your blog?  Well, we've just added these to! These animated birds are adorable and will make your blog stand out from other blogs. Tweet! You'll also find some New Years blogamations!
Have fun blogamating!

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  1. These are WONDERFUL! Thank you so much. You are genuises at creating new and dazzling designs and "accessories" for blogs.

    I have just been looking at some of your older blog backgrounds and have found an absolute treasure trove of gorgeous backgrounds that I hadn't noticed before. While I know that you provide the HTML code for both two and three-column blogs for many of your newer backgrounds (and thank you so very much for that!!), the older backgrounds don't have that--I think those were probably made before three-column blogs became so popular. If I were to choose one of your older backgrounds, could I convert it to a three-column format by using your instructions for creating a three-column blog in your wonderful "blog secrets" page?

    Your biggest fan,

  2. Hi ladies.. love your stuff and your new blogamations :) I've been trying to find a link to personally contact you by email- I have an important question regarding your terms & conditions... do you think you could email me @ Please! Thank you!

  3. Hello I am following you now ( I got you from the cutest blog site) I am needing some help..I still can't get the header from the blog off the top of my layout from you :( I hope you can help me

    Ps I took the fan button :) I love your layouts

  4. Your new blogmations are fabulous!!! I can't wait to see what you get in the vintage area! Happy New Year!

  5. I can't get your background to change to a new one! Is the website down??

  6. Hi Ladies, I am trying to make my own blog backgrounds, and am following this tut[..]
    I have done everything exactly, and uploaded my pics to photobucket..I was so pleased with myself...BUT,when i copy
    the code and insert the direct link..absolutely nothing happens, i am wondering
    what i'm doing wrong,??? I am ready to throw my
    computer out a window....ANY thoughts,Carilyn.

  7. Hello, love the blog, super sweet.
    I try to put the chandelier on my blog, but when I save and go back to blog the chandelier is not there :(
    Can you help me please?



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