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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pop up on blog....

Do you have an annoying pop up on your blog that reads my Pc Techs Bandwith Exceeded!!?  We had some issues with a few of the animations and had to remove them from our site.   If you had one of the following animations on your blog: music notes, falling snow, falling leaves and the falling snowman you will see this pop up .   We are EXTREMELY sorry for this inconvenience!!  It will just take a second to remove the animation code so this pop up will be removed.  Go to your 'Design' page and find the gadget that says 'HTML/JavaScript' and click edit.  You will see a long code that you will need to click 'remove' and this will erase the animation code completely from your blog!  Again, we apologize for this error and you can be assured we will NEVER use My PC Techs again.  All of our free animations on our site are now update and NOT hosted with that company.  Thanks, Becky & Ashley

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  1. Thank you!!! That was bugging me and didn't know where it came from. Thanks again for letting me know! BTW, LOVE the new look :)

  2. you were so thoughtful to go to the blog and let me know....thanks

  3. thank you...finally its stop..

  4. hi there, just joined you and tried one of your animations but it isn't showing on my blog
    just wondering if there is something that you could suggest
    thank you

    love your site by the way

  5. I just found your blog and I am happy! I am going to love these helpful tips! I'm so computer dumb!

  6. Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by! I love so much your blogs backgrounds! I hope you can also make cute clocks for us! I'm looking forward to it!
    Have a lovely week and God bless you! = )

  7. You gals ROCK. Stumbled on your blog by default :) I am new to blogging and I love all the girlie
    stuff you have on this site for Free. After a lot of hiccups I managed to install buttons from your other blog called 2 Moms talk and I've also installed the animated owl with the hearts and the bird with the swinging cage. I think I went overboard but could not help myself because your blogs/sites are the most adorable and the cutest
    I have seen so far.
    Wow are you two computer wizards or what?
    God Bless You'll for sharing the LOVE with the rest of us bloggers.

  8. Hello - just FYI….I’m going to be featuring your site on Wednesday! Stop by and check it out!




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