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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sledding in Arizona!

Happy Monday friends!! I hope your week is off to a good start!
So my husband and I were feeling kind of bad that our kids have NEVER played in the snow before!! That's right, we don't get snow where we live.   The poor little guys were missing out.  We decided it was time that they experience sledding.   After borrowing snow clothes for the boys (who
 has snow clothes while living in the middle of the desert??) we headed up to the mountains.  We went to a spot called Old Sunrise just past Lakeside, AZ.  I bundled them up in layers and layers of clothes, worrying they would freeze!  I was laughing so hard watching them try to walk. It reminded me of the little boy on Christmas Story. It was hilarious!  
We found some pretty steep hills that even I was scared to go down!  The boys were so brave and loved it.  They hated getting snow on them and getting cold....haha I guess they would rather melt in the 110 degree sun!  We had a blast with the kids and will definitely be going up to the mountains next winter to keep them tuff:)  In the mean time we will enjoy this fabulous warm weather. ---Becky
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  1. Thats so great that you all went and did that. I think all kids need to experience snow and cold. It is so much fun sledding, snowman, snow fights, igloos. Always kept my brothers and I entertained for hours on end. And then going inside for hot chocolate and tomato soup and grilled cheeses.

  2. Snow is so much fun. I'm glad you could take the kids to experience that :) :) Yes, I do remember that little kid in "The Christmas Story"...he had so many clothes on , his arms stuck straight out ;) :) Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :)

    p.s. Thank you for the fabulous free blog backgrounds ;) :)

  3. looks like so much fun! we never get much snow here in AR, it actually snowed the day my daughter turned ten months old so it was a special way to document that milestone.

    I'm a new follower of your blog, I love all your fantastic free blog backgrounds! Thank you!!

    would love if you stopped by my blog sometime, Adventures in Abbyland

  4. I also want to have fun in the snow if I could would be the whole day playing in the snow ...
    Hugs ...



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