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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to number comments on blog

When doing a giveaway on your blog it makes it so much easier if your comments on numbered.  We usually use the random number generator to pick a winner.  It takes too much time to count through the comments to find winner #30 or even #60!!  I decided it was time to do a tutorial and add the numbers to the comments on our blog!!  It also makes it look cute and professional!  This easy tutorial will show you how to number comments on your blogger posts.   Leave a comment if you used this tutorial to number your blogger comments:)!!  ENJOY!! ---Becky---

Click HERE to see the tutorial!!

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  1. Hallo! I think that give a number to the comments is a wonderful idea! Great! Your backgrounds are very beautiful..I take one of these.Kisses,Kiki.

  2. I just attempted this, following the tutorial.

    1. Need more pictures.
    2. Control F refused to work.
    3. Had to painstakingly do the searches myself.
    4. Found only one 'comments block' whatever thingy, not two as instructed. THAT was very confusing when (a) I only found one, (b) was told to find two, and (c) under EACH "type the following directly below it."
    5. Some of the direction words like "search" and "Go back" (and more) occasionally changed to green color with a double underscore. What's up with that?
    6. After more than 30 minutes, I previewed it. Failed. "span" had to be followed by ">" or "/>" or some such error message.

    I GIVE UP!!!!!!!! *tears*

  3. This comment/question has nothing to do with this particular tutorial, but I couldn't find where to ask a question for help! :/ so I posted a question last week but I don't think I left an email address...
    I downloaded the HTML code to add the Papyrus font to my blog (yay..the font I want!!) but it didn't change such things as Date of the Post, Blog Archive, About Me, etc. How can I get that done?
    Also, I want to change the size of the font in my posts...I tried changing it in the HTML code from 15px to 18px but I didn't notice any difference. Am I doing it right or not?


  4. It didn't work because of this error:
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Element type "dt" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".

    Error 500


  5. Hi Gals!!
    Thanks for your comments! I revised the tuturial to make it easier! Thanks for letting me know about the different errors that were coming up. It is easier now to number your comments on your blog, you only have to add two codes to your html!! Let me know if it's easier for you now:)

  6. But, how do you get it on the side like yours?? It looks really cool like that :D

  7. Hi I love cutest blog on the block and the "secrets" I do have aquestion, photobucket changed and there is no megabite option anymore it just screen sizes. Anytips maybe for making yourown backgrounds what to do, or is there another free photo storage can be reccomended?

  8. Worked just fine for me! Thanks very much for the tutorial.



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