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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NEW Website Design!

We are excited to announce our website is getting a FRESH new look!! The new design is just around the corner....and we think you will LOVE it! One of our favorite features of our new site design is the RATE MY BLOG page.  This feature will allow you to submit your blog design for all our users around the world to rate it with other blog designs.  We will show case the top 10 blogs!!  This is a great way to be able to show off your blog.....So go ahead and get your blogs ready for the world to see!!
---Becky and Ashley---

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  1. Found you by a blogger friend and now I am here...not only following I find the Palm Tree just great for my blog :-)))

    Greetings from "my island"


  2. Awesome! I change my blog's background seasonally and I always come to your site. You do an amazing job!!

  3. Your blog is very beautiful i like your blog keep sharing always thanks for your sharing.

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  4. Looking good! I like the fact that you made your website more interactive. The “rate my blog page idea” is awesome, who thought of that? You should consider adding new features on the page to boost the number of your visitors. Of course, you would have to test it, as well. Good luck with your new look and feats!

    Sage Aumick

  5. I must agree that this rate my blog idea is terrific. I tried emailing you my blog but I got an email back saying that email not recieved. Would it be possible for you to take a look at my blog from this comment and enter it into the rate my blog.

  6. Awesome,I like the design of site. It's very attractive and have a good feature. The site have good color combination and user friendly layout.

    Pittsburgh Web Development

  7. I am so frustrated with trying to contact anyone with Cutest blog on the block. Where is everyone?!?!?
    I cannot get code from your backgrounds off my blog so I can put a new one on. There is this frustrating logo of yours that covers text in each of my posts now so you can't even read it. Why don't you have anyone to help with this issue? And yes, I have deleted any html and gadgets that I can find. This is ridiculous and you should be willing to make your product work. Please contact me.

  8. Hi Kindall Family,
    I'm sorry your having problems with the background code. I can't view your blog to see what's going on, so can you leave a link to your blog? I've never heard of our logo covering anyone's posts, but it sounds like the background code is in one of your html/java script gadgets....Let me know how to contact you.

  9. The new website looks very fresh! I love the fact that you used light pastel colors to liven up the mood of the site, and that you used playful fonts to add a sense of variety. The site is also relatively quick to load, which is helpful if you want to win over visitors who are just not too keen on waiting. Overall, I think the website is functional and interactive, not to mention very navigable. Kudos to you!

    @Staci Burruel

  10. Updating your website is a great move! I also love its new look. The colors are pleasing to the eyes and very refreshing. And the loading times are short too, at least I’m not always kept waiting. Congrats!

    -Abigayle Soderstrom



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