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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We did it! Potty training!

While I loved how easy it was to have My two year old, Ethan, in diapers (it was so nice to just change him a couple of times a day and be done), I started to wonder what it would be like to have him take on a new responsibility. He loves helping me around the house with daily tasks and chores, and I felt like he needed a new challenge to broaden his learning! After all, two year olds love a challenge!

Well, it wasn't long before I realized that I was designing blog facelifts for Lora Jensen, who created the internet's most popular and effective potty training guide 3 day potty She is such a sweetheart, and soon after I told her that Becky and I both had two year olds in diapers, she sent us the Ebook!

While I kept telling myself that I didn't have time to potty train Ethan, I learned from Lora that when a child shows interest in the potty, there's no time but the present to begin!

So day 1 rolled around, I was so happy to have a plan of action to follow with this process. I like to have things written down for me to follow so this was perfect! Ethan did great, but no real breakthroughs. Day 2 rolled around, I started to become frustrated and whiny to my husband Joe that Ethan wasn't catching on. Day 3, I kept calling Joe, asking if it was okay to quit because both Ethan and I were exhausted with the monotony...

Finally, the sun was setting on day three, we were out playing in the backyard, and Ethan says, "Mommy, I'm going pee pee!" He had not yet actually gone "pee pee" yet so I scooped him up and ran him inside onto the toilet and...success!!! We through a party for Ethan in the bathroom that night. That breakthrough was what Ethan needed to realize it was to use the potty and now, several weeks later, we are accident free every day! Ethan feels so infinately superior to everything else when he goes potty in the toilet now. I now have more reasons to praise him throughout the day, and this gives him more confidence to take on other tasks! Thanks again Lora!
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  1. I used the same potty training EBook on my strong-willed 4th child (a boy!)! WAS WONDERFUL & worked! After already potty training 3 other children, I thought I knew what I was doing. Boy oh boy, I really knew nothing... I learned a lot with with "3 day potty training"! Good on you for training while your little one was two years old (as it should be). My little guy was 3 1/2; needless to say, I was getting frustrated with all my failure until I got the EBook by Lora.

    ALSO thanks for such an awesome website, ""... I'm new to blogging and am still trying to get my blog layout/style figured out; your site has been a great tool and inspiration! Thanks.

  2. OMG, I'm so jealous. My son is 2 1/2 and every time i mention potty, he shakes his head no. I'm actually surprised, since he has an older brother, I figured he would want to be like him since he copies everything his big brother does... but not luck. I know they say to wait til they are showing interest, but he has no interest yet. OH well. I'll definatly have to check out their ebook though. Thanks for mentioning it and CONGRATS! It is so great when they are done with diapers.

    ( now you have teach them to wipe their own pee off the toilet seat! )

  3. Yipee!! Congrats, but sadly potty training is a lot easier to teach than pee cleaning. LOL

  4. Sorry this is off-topic, but I am hoping to find some answers....I recently designed my own Christmas card because I thought it would be fun (it was!) and was of course asked by someone who got it if I would design a card for them. My question is this...when you use elements, papers, ribbons, etc on things that you sell, do you have to design those elements or papers from scratch-I mean, create them totally on your own, from nothing? Or if you have purchased scrapbooking software (I have Nova Scrapbook Factory and Microsoft Digital Imaging) can you use those elements on something you are accepting money for? Since I have never done this before, I want to make sure I am not infringing on anyone's rights. I am completely new to this world and knew you guys would be the best people to ask about this kind of stuff! You can email me at harmonylds at yahoo dot com.

    Incidentally, I loved the "choir nerds" comment on your "about" post. I was TOTALLY a choir nerd...accompanist actually, but nerd nonetheless. I grew up in AZ too...still live here, and I'm also LDS (if you couldn't tell by the email).

    Thanks for your advice!

  5. It seems as though everyone's copyright rules are different when it comes to how it can be used. Some are Personal use only, some are commercial use, and some people specify different ways in which the designs can or can't be used, so I would always refer to the copyright document that comes with each unique pack your download so you can be sure... :)

  6. Yipee!! Congrats, but sadly potty training is a lot easier to teach than pee cleaning. LOL

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