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Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's time to annouce the winners of our blog makeover contest! We have to first say thankyou to all of you who showed your love! It makes us feel so warm and fuzzy inside to hear all of your kind words. We want to give you all blog makeovers, so hopefully, we will do enough of these contests to do one for you all!
This weeks winners are:
Congratulations ladies! We have left comments on your blogs so we can't wait to get started on your makeovers!
Becky and Ashley - TCBOTB
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  1. Congrats, ya all~ "The Lady of the House" & "Ranaelyn"! So excited to see your new blog makeovers down the road!

    Thanks Becky and Ashley for the fun opportunity to give us all a try wo win!

  2. Awesome!!! Congrats, guys!! I'll keep watching for another chance to win!! Have a great Friday everyone!!!

  3. totally not on topic but I couldn't find a button or blinkie for your website anywhere...may I have one to display on my blog...i just want to promote your awesomeness! :0)

  4. Hey Becky and Ashley~
    I have had a blog for a year. It is very simple, but I would love to fancy it up! Could you direct me? How do I add and change things to my blog? Would my current blog still have the "older posts"? I would really appreciate any help you can suggest! Thanks!

  5. Well, hey hey hey,
    I will gladly give you a free domain, and you can just tell me what format you want. Here is mine

    I love this page.



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