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Thursday, July 9, 2009

So Many Great Ideas!

We were sad that we could only choose 2 winners this week because of all of the FUN and UNIQUE ideas that we're suggested. The two winners chosen are:
Below are their suggestions:
cakegirl: "I would love to see a design with vintage buttons, some swirls, vintage keys and a lot of the items I use in my crafts. Not tooooo fussy and not tooo girly. A sophisticated yet inviting first impression."
emii: "Hey,I would love a background that sort of shows a lot of the things in a teens life, for instance -- a pair of volley's up the top, some skinny's and a Rusty handbag by the bottom, a pile of school books, an iPod or mobile(cell)phone, a book (not twilight...) some friendz just could be on a green and purple background, and the matching header could feature some of the ideas I mentioned above."
We can't wait to get started on two new fun designs with vintage, and teen themes to your specifications.
Too everyone else who gave suggestions, thank you! After we post the winner's backgrounds on the site, we will start making designs that match your suggestions as well. Keep an eye out because we'll keep you updated on this blog when we post someone's idea on the site!
Thanks to all!
Ashley - TCBOTB
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  1. Ohh, you liked it?! Awesome, I can't wait for the background!!!!!


  2. Hey, I was just wondering if you could maybe tell me where you get some of your backgrounds/accessories to make your digital blogger bakcgrounds. I have adobe photoshop, and I made a few on there, but it's kind of getting boring with only the backgrounds on adobe, and I can't find anything else to use! I also wish I could let other people use the backgrounds I make, but I can't.... sorry if I'm taking up your time! I LOVE your layouts!!


  3. Hey I was wondering if there was any way you could design some manly but tasteful backgrounds and banners. I know this doesn't fit the cute factor but I've been trying to help my husband set up a hunting and fishing blog, and i can't find anything! everything i can find is for myspace backgrounds or the site isn't as user friendly as yours, and i can't get the backgrounds to work on his blog. All I'm looking for is maybe some cool camo, hunting, or fishing backgrounds that will help convince my husband that blogging isn't just for girls. I'd appreciate all the help I can get. And if anything, thanks for listening.



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