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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wordpess Themes!

We are so excited to announce we added Wordpress Themes to our site! Thanks Nikki Arnold for all your help! You are amazing! Let us know if you Wordpress! Tell us what blog backgrounds you would like to see converted for your Wordpress.
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  1. I am so excited you added Wordpress backgrounds. I knew you had Blogger and just happen to think you had Wordpress...I didn't know you just recently added them. I downloaded "Too Darn Cute", it downloaded great. I love all of them! I also tried to download Madison Avenue. An error comes up saying the "zip file is not complete or corrupt." I am not complaining, just FYI for you. I would love to see th following, just suggestions:

    Madison Avenue
    Happy Teal
    Brownie Blue
    Tin Roof
    Earth Day
    Shabby Freedom
    New Year Swag
    Twinkly Happy Holidays
    Sleighbells Ring
    Dear Santa
    Messy Snowflakes
    Candy Cane Lane
    Gobble Gobble
    Grunged Up Easter

    I know it's a LONG list...but it's so hard to!

    Thanks. You do such GREAT work!!

    Jessica Worth

  2. Hey,
    Wow, I just checked them out -- they're awesome!!!


  3. I am new to Wordpress as of today. Can these templates be used on the free Wordpress blogs? How? I really like the new designs. Thanks for your help

  4. The community is still down along with Custom Blog designs (operation Abort) and I would like to purchase from you one of the blogger templates you have.
    Please contact me at marieburton2004 at yahoo dot com
    or through commenting on my blog which shows the one I would like to purchase.
    Thank you,

  5. The ones you designed are great but it will only work for I am hosted by and we can only modify their current themes.Backgrounds for would be great if you want to do it.

  6. These are fab! I'm a new blogger and just defected from wordpress to blogger today as I'd struggled to find layouts....ah well!

    Might just have to use one of your Twitter backgrounds :).

  7. Sorry, wasn't sure where to post this but I want to download the new extras package but on the one with sunflowers you have misspelled categories...thought you would like to know so it can be fixed.



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