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Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Here?

Hi Friends!

Are you new to following our blog? We love checking out your little profile photos and what not, but we wanna know more! Leave us a comment with a little about yourself. We will take a closer look at your blog and follow you too!

Questions we wanna know?

Your name:

Favorite color:

Favorite type of blog design: (chic, shabby scrapbook?)

Favorite guilty pleasure snack: (i.e. chocolate)
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  1. Newish follower of your blog;
    I am Alicia. Favorite color is purple. My favorite blog design is simple chic, looks homemade. Favorite guilty pleasure snack is milk chocolate (love Kit Kats). Thanks for all you do.

  2. Hello!

    Thanks for your comment on our blog! I have to admit I love kit kats too! We're following you now!

    Ashley - TCBOTB

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. well, I'm not really that new...I just don't comment very often.
    My name is Debbie Bolton
    I am a high risk labor and delivery nurse in Southern California.
    My favorite colors are green, orange and purple - eclectic I know.
    I like shabby chic
    and my guilty pleasure is a glass of wine and a good book.
    I have used a few of your blog designs...I change it up frequently.

  5. Aurica
    French fries with lots of mayonaise...
    :) You made my blog look very cute, thank you for that!

  6. Hi Rosalyn,

    That's great that you eat healthy! We're following your blog now! Nice to meet you!

  7. I have had your blog and been following for a few months.
    My name: Andrea

    My Favorite color: really depends on the day but I will always LOVE blue, blue anything!

    My Favorite type of blog design, anything that speaks true to ones personality. I am all about clean lines... my background right now it the faint TCBOTB zebra pattern. love it.

    My Favorite guilty pleasure snack: CANDY! or SUPER crunchy chips! yummmmmm

  8. Hi Debbie! Nice to meet you! I like to read too when I have time! What's your fav book? We're following you now! :)

  9. Aurica, what a gorgeous name! I've never heard of fries with mayo! That's a new one I'm gonna have to try!

  10. Hiya ladies!!
    I'm Kisha and my favorite color is red, so most of the templates I pick for my blogs have red in them, but "red chic"!
    Favorite indulgence?...
    Reese's peanut butter cups! :->

  11. HI Andrea! I LOVE blue right now too. In fact my favorite is Tiffany Blue or Aqua or Robins's egg as some people call it. Either way, I've painted my walls with it. Nice to meet you! We're following you now!

  12. Hi Kisha, We'll have to make some more chic red templates for ya then! Nice to meet you!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hi, My name is Michelle. My favorite color is pick and blue! My favorite type of blog design is scrapbook?)my favorite guilty pleasure snack is candy.

  15. Hi, My name is Jette - my favorite colors are all the fall colors..and blue, and my favorite snack ??..have to say milk chocolate ;)
    My favorite blog design ?..not sure I've found it yet ;D - but right now I like the way my blog looks, and with one of your backgrounds of course ;D

  16. Hi Michelle, we're happy to have you here. We hope we have plenty of scrapbooky designs on the site to last you a liftime!

  17. Hi Jette,

    Your blog looks fabulous, we're following! Milk chocolate is a definite weakness of mine too. Especially those kisses...

  18. Hi!!!

    Your name: Jamie

    Favorite color: Green

    Favorite type of blog design: (chic, shabby scrapbook?) Eclectic

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: (i.e. chocolate) Heath Bar

  19. Hi girls!
    I'm an up and coming author. As soon as I get a book finished, that is!

    Your name: Jen (or Jennifer)

    Favorite color: blue

    Favorite type of blog design: (chic, shabby scrapbook?) umm... all? I still haven't decided yet.

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: (i.e. chocolate) Mint Chocolate Chip or Coffee Chocolate Chip ice cream from Handel's ( or Jif reduced fat peanut butter with Nestle chocolate chips!

  20. My name is Lilianna and I am new to blogging. Your blog and site is the first place I went when I started my blog. I love the design I used, I guess its shabby and chic?? My favorite color changes depending on my mood or what the color is used for ie: my car, shoes, house, clothing...My fave guilty pleasure right now is chips and Trader Joes double roasted salsa with a nice cold beer!

  21. Hi! I am a follower and my name is Lisa. Have been for awhile (a follower. lol)! My favorite color is green. And I love the style of modern vintage? I think. I haven't found what I'm looking for yet so my blog has some construction to be done. Thanks for all of your awesome backgrounds and such. I've used many of them!

    I don't have a guilty pleasure. I enjoy everything to the fullest. IF it's bad, and i know i'm doing it, it better be good! lol. However, candy after 9 p.m. is a guilty pleasure I suppose.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  22. My name is Doris Campos.My favorite colors are green, lilac, orange, and Autumn colors.
    design blog...hum..only one?..
    and my guilty pleasure is a glass of Madeira wine and a piece of chocolate cake with cream.

  23. I'm new here- and I love this blog!
    I'm excited to follow your site.
    fave color- pink
    I like shabby simple blog designs
    fave treat - milk duds!

  24. Hello Ladies my name is Ruth, my favourite colours.... well I love so many, but if I have to pick it would be pinks and purples. I have a children's book which is currently is due to be released at the end of this year and I like the chic blog designs and I adore a cappuccino!

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you know more about ourselves.
    Have a wonderful start to October. xxx

  25. Hi Jamie!

    You have an adorable blog design. Nice to meet you. We're following you now. :)

  26. My name is Shawn
    Favorite color is pink
    I like all different styles . . . why limit myself!
    Guilty pleasure . . . coffee, my new website and buying scrapbooking paper

  27. Mi nombre es mariana
    Mi color preferido es el fuxia y el rosa
    me gusta escribir cosas sarcasticas, romanticas, frases, reflexiones... de todo un poco!
    Mi placer culpable son las fiestas todas las noches y las frutillas con crema...
    te sigo! me encanta tu blog

  28. Your name: Mary

    Favorite color: Green

    Favorite type of blog design: (chic, shabby scrapbook?) Holiday and seasonal themes

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: pumpkin raisin cookies

  29. Your name: Justine

    Favorite color: Forest Green & Deep Purple

    Favorite type of blog design: (chic, shabby scrapbook?) I like a little of everything

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: Brownies

  30. I Love the oh so cute CUTENESS of your blog!!! New follower
    Name Mary
    Fave colors, pink, chocolate, wine and black
    Favorite blog design, ah romantic, fun, girly, chic!
    Favorite guilty pleasure snack.... lately it is original tart frozen yogurt.

  31. I am not new to your CBOTB site but I am fairly new to your 2MomsTalk blog. I was wondering if you still have your CBOTB forum/message board. I haven't been able to find it (or anything about it) on the site.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Name Yofita.

    Favorite colors are black, white, and red

    Favorite type of blog design: shabby scrapbook

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: peanut cookies and chocolatte drinks

  34. Hi,

    I am totally new to your lovely blog and fairly new to the entire blogging world!!!
    My name is Andrea
    My favoutite colour is Blue
    I don;t have a favourite type of blog design, I think your blog should reflect yourself and simply evolve as your blog does, I love to see all different ones which is why blogs like yours are great as ideas evolve from it.
    My guilty pleasure is Midget Gems!!

  35. Hi!

    I am sort of new (some months?) and I am really grateful you exist because I got a lot of inspiration around here ;-)

    My name is Arianna and my fav colour(s) is (are) violet/pink (ok, it is more than 1 colour...).

    My fav blog style, well, I really don't know. I think something that looks good is what matters. Sometimes they can be scrapbookish, some other times they are chic. I love the ones were details are well taken care of!

    The guilty pleasure is hard to say! I think chips are something I can hardly resist to ;)

    Thank you again!

  36. I just added the Moments In Time Banner on a blog I am doing for an organization and it won't center!
    HELP!!!!! Could you please email me and tell me what to do!
    Thank you!

  37. I wrote the comment above ↑ I was also wondering if the background for Moments In Time for the 3 column is possible to have the sidebar color be black? When it loads it does it in black but then fades to white again.

  38. Hi, new here and trying to pick up the courage to make my blog a bit prettier than the standard blogger designs. Finding you is great, just need a bit of time now! favourite colours - all the Autumn reds, golds, greens, still trying to decide of favourite blog designs. Guilty pleasure is a glass of good red wine and a bit of mature English cheddar, sadly doesn't happen very often!

  39. Hi!!
    My name is Kavita...favorite color - pink!
    I love all your blog designs, I like simple but pretty, and right now I have 'Just Right'

    My guily pleasure is cheesecake...just about ANY kind and ANYTHING pumpkin!

    Thanks -

  40. My name is Christin. I have disabled my personal blogger but I have my shop blogger up.

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: Ice Cream

    Favorite color: Blue and Green

    Favorite type of blog design: I like all of them. But I love scrapbook!

  41. Hi my name is Mai! I love following your blog...My favorite color would have to be aqua blue. I like chic with a touch of "hippiness"?! I really LOVE Oreo cookies and milk at night...not sure if you consider that a guilty pleasure :)Our blog is mainly about our one year old triplets. Please feel free to follow!!!

  42. Hi Jen, Nice to meet you! Cute blog! We're following!

  43. HI Liliana,

    Love your 'keep it simple' motto! We're following you now!

  44. Hi Lisa,

    We're following you now. LUV to eat candy late at night too! Especially watching a movie!

  45. HI Doris, nice to meet you! If you love Autumn colors, this is the perfect season for you!! :)

  46. Hi "pedaling'

    love your blog and content, nice to meet you! We're following!! :)

  47. Hello Ruth,

    Good luck on your book! Glad to meet you! We're following!

  48. Hi Shawn, what an adorable craft blog, love it! We're following!

  49. Hi mariana, cute blog! We're following! Nice to meet you!

  50. HI Mary, cute blog! I am also into seasonal designs as well. We're following!

  51. Hi Justine, I have a soft spot for brownies too, nice to meet you! We're following!

  52. HI Mary, froyo can't be considered a weakness when it's a healthy snack!! :) good for you for making the rest of us feel naughty! :)

  53. My name's Lissa

    I am just looking for a blog design that will fit me and my personality. I like green, I'm a quiet and shy person, I feel I can talk to people through writing. I feel more confident that way. Follow me and send me feedback on my current blog and design

  54. Enjoying your blog!

    Fav color? Don't have most of them!
    I like making my own blog design, but love the tips that you share here! And my guilty pleasure isn't unique...CHOCOLATE!

  55. My name is Geri, Love blue to look at but prefer muted colors for blogs (shabby, grungy would be my favorite style). I'm an artist and my guilty pleasure is also what I do which is create!

  56. Your name: Elise

    Favorite color: Do I have to pick one? Pink

    Favorite type of blog design: all

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: tootsie rolls

  57. My name is Brynn, and i've been using your backgrounds for forever but just recently started following the blog. I love the colors brown, pink, and blue (used in combo), but don't dislike any, either! i like the shabby scrapbook backgrounds best. right now (cause it changes), my guilty pleasure snack is a caramel apple with nuts and pumpkin coffee. i'm drooling a little right now.

  58. Hi, I would just like to thank you! I have wanted a blog for so long, and because of your site I was able to do so. So once again THANK YOU!!

  59. Hi ladies!

    Came across your blog/webpage and love it!

    A little about myself-

    My name is Mallory and I am a college student in Chico, Ca. I like a minimalist, natural, yet shabby look for our blog. Favorite color - green!

    and I am a sucker for any super sweet candy - especially twizzlers!

    Keeping my eyes peeled for a super cute "slideshow" gadget to add to my blog. Using one from photobucket now, but not too impressed. Any ideas?

    Thanks for all you do!

  60. Hi! I am new to blogging (just 2 days so far!!)

    My name is Abby, I am a mom to two boys. Lincoln is 3 and Carson is 1.

    My favorite blog designs are shabby/floral/flourish stuff.

    My favorite guilty pleasures are anything chocolate and homemade cinnamon rolls.

    Thanks SOO much for all of the help with starting my blog! It would be boring without you!

  61. Hi ! I am a photographer who loves your blog backgrounds . My name is Gina Alexander I have two little girls I am just following your blog now but have enjoyed your backgrounds for a few months
    thanks so much for your sharing !
    I dont have a favourite food that i am guilty of indulging in ... however being summer in Aus a cold Bourbon with coke and plenty of ice is a nice treat.
    cheers !

  62. Hi CBOTB! My name is Alethea, and my favorite color is yellow (cuz it's happy!), my favorite blog design is vintage if that's what you consider giraffe couture, and my favorite guilty pleasure is dark chocolate!

  63. Hi! I just found your blog and I think I am in love! =) My name is Sarah. I design photo templates! (Christmas Cards, Baby Announcements, Blog IT! Templates, Etc.)- lots of fun stuff =) My favorite color is Rainbow (haha, that's what my 4 year old says!) Mine changes day to day, but today I think I'll go with baby blue. My guilty pleasure is strawberry cheesecake, and or course brownies! I can't wait to try out some of your stuff and learn more from you!

  64. Hi I am new to your blog and just love it!! My name is Kristen. I really don't have a favorite is always changing :) My favorite blog design is simple and shabby. I think my favorite guilty pleasure would definitely be CANDY..not so much chocolate but love twizzlers, candy corn and mike and ike!! :)

  65. Hi! I am new to your blog and to blogging! I love all of your designs:)

    Your name: Kama

    Favorite color: Pink

    Favorite type of blog design: Simple or Sassy

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: Chips and salsa!

  66. Hello! Totally new here to your blog or and blog for that matter! My name is Jamie. My favorite color is black. I don't really have a favorite type of blog design. I have seen so many cute ones, its hard to decided. I dont really have a guilty please snack, but my guilty pleasure food would have to be sushi! I can never get enough and always eat too much!!!

  67. Hi,

    We are Prudence & Sissy. I (Prudence) do the posting, actually it's my Blog. We are fairly new here and love your backgrounds. My favorite color - lavender to deep purple. I like shabby scrapbook and my all time downfall is peanut butter & honey (I'm a bear, what can I say?) Giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence & Sissy
    Mom too, of course

  68. Hi,

    My name is Ashley... and my favorite color is pink! My favorite blog designs are bright and colorful. My favorite guilty pleasure is cereal!! I could eat cereal for every meal!! I love it.

  69. Hello! :)

    Your name: Kate

    Favorite color: Purple

    Favorite type of blog design: So far my favorite is the black and blue glowy thing you've got going on on the cutest blog on the block site :D

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: chips and dip! ^-^

  70. Hi! New follower -just put your background on my blog! I'm new to all this & love how easy it was! Thanks so much!
    My name - Jennifer
    Favorite color - sage green
    My favorite blog style would be the style of ink mod (the one I picked)!
    Favorite guilty pleasure snack - cookies...

  71. Hello to two fabulous women! I am a new follower to your blog but have been checking out "cutest blog on the block" for quite some time! I LOVE blogging and LOVE reading what you have to share. Here is a little more about me:
    Name: Sheena
    Favorite Color: Blue [absolutely ANY shade!]
    Favorite Blog Style: I enjoy mixing it up but usually go for a scrapbook/shabby chic style
    Favorite Guilty Pleasure Snack: COFFEE! :)
    Link to my blog:


  72. Hi!

    Love your blog! I'm Mallory! Favorite Color, Pink&Black, Blog style: Vintage Chic (is that a thing? lol) Guilty Pleasure: Sour Patch Kids!

    Come visit our blog!

  73. Hi,

    Love your blog. I'm Marietta and my favorite color is red or pink. Blog style is scrapbooking. My guilty pleasure is Kitkat bars. Please visit my blog

  74. My favorite color is purple. Favorite Blog Style is chi& shabby combined I think. My guilty pleasure is pizza but peace and quiet comes in at a close second :0)

  75. Hi! I'm Kirsten and I'm a new follower, as I just started a personal blog about a month ago. But, I have been a fan of Cutest Blogs on the Block for a couple years while I was in charge of blogging for a mom's group I am a part of. I'm loving your help to make my stuff cute--and I still have a lot to learn!

    I think my favorite color would have to be red, and blog style a mix between the scrapbook and shabby styles. Guilty pleasure--reading and homemade cookie dough. =)

  76. Hi! I'm Kimberly My Favorite color is purple! My Favorite type of blog design is whatever looks great with out being too crowded. Takes to long to load. Im a touch and go kinda person, read a little, type a little =) My Favorite guilty pleasure snack is kisses peppermint yumm

  77. Hi! I am new to your blog and to blogging! I love all of your designs:)

    Your name: Christine

    Favorite color: Pink and Brown

    Favorite type of blog design: Cute Scrapbook

    Favorite guilty pleasure snack: Chocolates and Fries



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