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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Retro Wood Grain Designs

We like to think we're hip and chic around TCBOTB headquarters, but when it comes to design, RETRO is ALL THE RAGE!

This Wood grain pattern is so HOT right now! So we though we would imitate jewlery, furniture, and knick knacks everywhere, by adding a few wood grain backgrounds for you to use, free of course! My favorite part is that each background has its own unique matching banner!

So what inspired us to make these? Check out some of the adorable bits and pieces we found using the wood grain theme:

 Just look at these little woodland creatures and patterns on these fabric covered buttons. So CUTE!

 If I have another baby, I would adore these colors in the baby's room! Bright and friendly! There again you see the wood grain pattern!
 Take the woods with you wherever you go with this adorable handbag
This laptop decal is to DIE for!

Okay, enough drooling! All of these items can be found on You can click the images to shop. So bring some woodland retro to your blog, and leave a comment if you do so we can see the CUTENESS!

We really do hope you make today a fabulous day in whatever you do, and then BLOG about it when your done!

hugs and kisses!

Ashley and Becky

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  1. I am not sure how to contact you about doing some work on my blog. please email me at brenbren13 (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. HELP! I cannot locate how to contact you. I "lost" the background ("St. Patrick's Day") for my blog ( probably recently when Blogger was "down" for 1.5 days (last Thursday and most of Friday).

    Every other blogger who uses Blogger seems to have had no problem whatsoever with their backgrounds.

    I've repeatedly attempted to remove and add it back to no avail. It looks a dark gray sometimes and other times solid white.

    REPEAT: HELP! HELP! mrskjdibble @ juno (dot) com THANK YOU!

  3. I have determined it is specifically Clover Vineyard. It failed. I added another background, but Clover Vineyard is the one I'd prefer. HELP 2!

    Thank you!



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