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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

St. Lucia

I have to share a little bit of  this beautiful Island.  Rick took me to a gorgeous resort in St. Lucia for our 10 year anniversary!  There are 3 different Sandal resorts on the island and we stayed at the Grande.   It was by far the most relaxing vacation we have been on so far.   With the white sand, turquoise warm water and all the amazing food..... I was in heaven! It was a much needed vacation.  After the week though I missed my cute kiddos terribly and couldn't wait to see them!  ---Becky--- 
I thought the beach would be packed, but we had the beach to ourselves first thing in the morning and late afternoon!  Even during the day it was not too busy...probably helped that is is an adult only resort!
This is what we spent most of our day doing!  Enjoying each others company and the beautiful view!
So relaxing!
This little sail boat thing was a blast! They gave us a little 3 minute class on how to sail and we were off!   It would get going pretty fast and we loved it!
This was one of my favorite restaurants, The Pier.  This was at one of the other Sandal resorts, Halcyon.  It was one of my favorites not only because the food was great, but the view overlooking the ocean was amazing!

This is when we went snorkeling at Jade Mountain Resort.  It was black sand beach so it was neat to see something different!
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  1. i don't know if this is where i'm supposed to comment, but i just used the lollapalooza 3 column blog, adn i can't get the background (gray) to show up. it only shows the yellow. any ideas why??

  2. Looks heavenly! And funny, I have the two same exact swimsuits.



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