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Monday, August 15, 2011

Becky Skydiving

For my husbands birthday this last weekend I decided to surprise him and take him skydiving!!  Every anniversary and birthday we always talk about how we should go.  Then we think of something more important we could be spending our money on.  Well, this birthday I decided to just book it!  I had to hold this secret in for a WEEK!
I woke him up early on his birthday and said you have 15 min. to get ready!! He looked at the clock and said what are you doing?  I just smiled and said we are taking a little road trip.  I gave him directions of where to go and the whole time he wanted me to tell him what we were doing (he does not like surprises as much as I do LOL)!  We finally pull up and he sees the big Skydive Phoenix sign.  He was so excited!!
After watching the video that tells you everything that COULD go wrong with the plane and the parachute, I was thinking this is the stupidest think I have ever done!  There was no turning back though! ---Becky---
My husband skydiving:)
This is me telling my buddy Marti (that is strapped to my least I hope he is) that I changed my mind and I don't want to jump! It looks like I was even holding on to the pilots parachute (like he could save me)...oops!  You can see the wind blowing my cheek across my face!
Here goes nothing!
Nothing like free falling from about 11,000 feet to 5,000 feet!! It was awesome, I loved it!! No fair the professional gets a helmet...what about me?:)
There I go falling to the ground!
I asked Marti if I could pull the parachute out, he said he would give me this hand signal when it was time to pull!  I was so excited to pull it.....but my eyes were closed so I missed it!! The next thing I know he pulled it out....oh well next time right:)
This is right when we landed....the hair explains it all, LOL!! I seriously loved it and would do it again in a second!

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  1. This is nuts Becky! You're hair is just as wild as you are at the end of it! I'm glad you did it!

  2. That's great Becky. You're cool. I'll not do it..never...never and never in my life! It's so scary.

  3. It looks like fun. I've always wanted to do that but I can't find anyone who will go with me!

  4. That is so RAD! Im slightly jealous b/c ive always wanted to do that! What an awesome surprise! Ill bet your hubby thinks that you are the coolest wife EVER!...and he may be right ;0) P.S. Happy Birthday!

  5. I am your newest follower :)

    please follow me back thanks so much

  6. So great, Becky. I am so glad I found you.



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