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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tattered Trends: 6 NEW Designs

Well friends, it looks like the tattered, worn out theme is here to stay! We buy NEW things, just to distress them to make them look old again.

Why do we do this? I would venture to guess that it's because old things have a history. A old tattered chest of drawers with crackled paint has secrets. Vintage things bring a feeling a earthiness into a space.

We happened upon a fabulous designer who has really captured this feel in so many of her designs. Her name is Laura Deacetis and you can check out her fun digitals HERE.

Without further ado, we wanted to show you a few of her designs we added to our site.

Cute right? (Go the website to grab the banners without the watermarks.)

We also have a fabulous blog template coming soon using this designer.

The cuteness doesn't stop there because we also added a few new designs for all of the Denim Lovers out there too!

Denim Days

So go freshen up your blog...with something old. :)

Ashley - TCBOTB
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  1. Love the looks! I really hope I can work with you gals soon!


  2. Hey! I’m your newest follower :) Please feel free to come by and follow if you’d like! I look forward to keeping up with your future posts!

    - Alison

  3. cool visit my blog



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